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Your Interest

You are seeking an approved and experienced expert who can offer authoritative guidance and solutions on every aspect of inspection covering incoming raw material to outgoing processed product. Whether for basic Quality Assurance or mitigating the risks of a product recall, you need a partner with in-depth knowledge and supply capability, ranging from the simplest attribute gauge to the most sophisticated automated inspection system.

Our Method

Regarded by our clients as subject matter experts on Inspection, we can complete Gauge R&R as part of the equipment supply contract. Often we will assist at pre-release product design phases to define and map the inspection plans and methods for your product. We document uncertainty, repeatability and reliability at an engineering design phase; typically this is completed as part of the Functional Design Specification and is available to our client.

We deliver an array of Inspection solutions ranging from Attribute Gauges, Non-Contact Inspection and Product Mix Avoidance fixtures, through to Automated Inspection Systems and Automated Production Systems with Embedded Inspection.

Where certification to UKAS/NIST/ISO17025 or other Test or Calibration Laboratory Standard is required, we have a dedicated Calibration Vendor category. Calibration Certificates are stored for future reference and traceability as part of our data retention procedure.

Your Results

Peace of mind knowing that your manufacturing system is robust and reliable in terms of quality, compliance and mix avoidance. You have a cost-effective solution, expertly executed and with immediate payback.