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Manufacturing Processes


 Your Interest

Many circumstances arise where you need to alter, modify or improve your manufacturing process. A requirement to increase volume or introduce product variants; to improve yields; to reduce maintenance, or perhaps improve quality as a result of a Root-Cause Analysis, Kaizen Blitz or Lean Review.  Whatever the reason – you are looking for an experienced and innovative partner who can provide a solution at minimum risk, reasonable cost, and without delay.

Our Method

We gather all your available data, scope out the requirement and then visit your production floor, talking to all involved to ensure all issues and motives are completely captured and understood.

Idea Generation

We then typically conduct an internal brainstorming session where our technical engineers will map the process and develop possible solutions. Usually there is more than one. 

Idea Screening

Using our filtering methods, we evolve achievable solutions along with the advantages, disadvantages and budgetary costs of each option.

Concept Development

Working from our in-depth industrial experience, we advise which option is the optimum solution. Integral to our recommendation is a concern for future-proofing. Not only must the solution address the immediate issue, it must also allow sufficient flexibility to accommodate further changes on the product family horizon.


We ensure implementation at delivery is a smooth transition. Your Manufacturing, Quality and Validation engineers will all have the opportunity during the process to work with us to ensure we are delivering technical documents and materials that can be used directly by you.

Urgent projects requiring immediate solutions are a normal part of our daily endeavours. Situations such as line stoppages are dealt with by our Technical Team discreetly, efficiently and with minimum interference with ongoing operations.


Reasons to introduce a new manufacturing process

  • Root-cause analysis
  • Lean review
  • Kaizen Blitz
  • Increased yield requirement
  • Increased volume requirement
  • Reduce PM and change-over times
  • Product variants to be tooled up on an existing production line

Vendor Management

We maintain an audited and capability-rated Vendor network as part of our Continuous Improvement philosophy. From a Capability Matrix system our Project Managers can immediately identify which Vendors are best suited to make or supply a particular item. Our Data Retention system will hold details of all traceable items such as Material, Treatment and Inspection Certificates.

On a smaller scale, we review production consumable custom components and either design these out or source more economically through our global Approved Vendor network.

Your Results

“A good decision is one that increases the possibility of success and decreases the possibility of failure” Because of our close collaboration model, your manufacturing solution will be implemented quickly, efficiently, on time, with minimum disruption, low risk and at reasonable cost.  It will also be flexible enough to accommodate future development.