Outsource Technical Concepts - Our Experise - New Product Introduction

New Product Introductions (NPI)


Your Interest

Your need is to introduce your new product seamlessly and without delays. Outsource Technical Concepts has a proven track record in new product introductions. Building on may years experience, we recognise that with detailed, front-loaded, project and resource planning, this goal can be achieved.

Our Method

To successfully commission your new product, we begin by undertaking a detailed analysis of the project. We engage with our clients at an early stage, often prior to Product Design Freeze, to provide process transfer services from incoming inspection through to final packaging.

Our technical team will evaluate your product drawings and supporting documentation such as Critical to Quality and Inspection Guide Sheets. To clearly understand the process, we will review your current and proposed manufacturing equipment, test equipment and proposed line layouts.

Lean expertise is fundamental to our effective delivery. From our detailed review, we identify where Lean opportunities exist to streamline your production process.

Once the production line and methods are planned in concept, our Project Management and Technical Design Teams will deliver robust solutions encompassing;

  • Fixtures
  • Totes and WIP
  • Inspection and Gauges
  • Automation
  • Mix Avoidance
  • Packaging

Your Results

Our designs are developed and rigorously tested to provide a robust, reliable and Lean solution that will significantly reduce the risks involved in bringing your new product into cost effective production.

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