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Product Design


Your Interest

Time-to-Market demands may dictate that you need a competent design resource to either augment your own team or take full responsibility for your new product design, from concept through to launch.

Our Method

Before embarking on a new design, we review the entire product lifecycle. Our level of technical expertise and industry knowledge ensures we deliver a product design that is robust and will sustain good manufacturability.

We begin each project with a complete review of your concept or idea, your motives, your requirements, your target manufacture price and your product ambitions. Delivering a fresh perspective to your product design, we evaluate the functional and end operational aspects by anticipating all manufacturing and assembly complexities.

Following a detailed FMEA, we begin your design with a product model that leads to assembly and full 2D blueprints ready for manufacture.Your Critical to Quality characteristics are defined to provide the best possible solution to meet your design requirements. Offering a seamless link to your business, we complete all our CAD development on your templates and to the international standards you comply with.

Our dedicated Project Management Team ensures at each phase of development that we create and handle all work instructions, guide sheets, and device history records and uniquely identify each product/component from raw material through to finished medical device.


Dedicated Project Management

  • CAD development on your templates
  • Comply with your international standards
  • Document and minute all review meetings
  • Control all critical data including CAD via an electronic version control system on our server.
  • Full traceability of design

Your Results

With a knowledge base of industry and regulatory compliance requirements, we develop your product concept from idea generation to clinical trials and ensure it can be consistently manufactured at a profit.