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Product Transfers


Your Interest

Global rationalisation programmes frequently place demands on a manufacturing site to accept product lines, often from older, less sophisticated facilities. You need to integrate these with your existing lines with minimum risk and cost. At the same time, an opportunity is created to further improve efficiencies.

Our Method

Outsource Technical Concepts has a proven track record and provides specialist expertise in Product Transfers between client production facilities. We work in synergy with our client engineering team which is typically comprised of Project Managers, Technical Engineers, Quality Engineers and Validation Engineers.

Through onsite collaboration and meticulous documentation at your production facility, our key objective is to understand the technical and quality aspects of your current product manufacture.

Only then can a detailed report be issued to the cross-functional team at the Product Transfer Receiving Site, advising requirements to complete a like-for-like transfer.

Often the receiving site may have a more modernised, Lean focused production floor with more stringent quality measures. Our project team anticipate these possibilities to ensure your transfer seamlessly adapts. By reviewing the incoming process and understanding the original logic, we can recommend revised steps for Quality Assurance purposes.

Your Results

Our transfer service enables you to free up resources and transfer a product both seamlessly and efficiently. Working closely with you, both production sites are continuously updated on manufacturing and quality requirements to ensure minimal risk and a timely, successful transfer.