Outsource Technical Concepts - Our Process - Overview


At Outsource Technical Concepts we pride ourselves on delivering strategic value to our customers.

Using our unique business model, we work with you to optimise your design requirements in Product Design (DFM), New Product Introductions, Product Transfers, Manufacturing Processes and Inspection.

A key advantage of working with OSTC is how we do this – Our Process.

Complete with Project Management from start to finish, we act as an extension to your business to provide robust manufacturing solutions that will deliver sustainable cost efficiencies.

Let us take you through each step of Our Process



Our design team use creative solutions that surpass industry standards to develop and sustain cost-competitive manufacturing operations. We analyse the real underlying issues with your current process or product and identify innovative and Lean concepts to solve your manufacturing challenges.

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Reliable Delivery

Our experienced and dedicated project development team have the necessary expertise in design, engineering, quality and supply chain to deliver a reliable solution and meet the tightest of timelines.

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Quality Systems

We provide a comprehensive and stringent Quality Management System that incorporates Lean solutions, product traceability, sophisticated IT system and extensive regulatory knowledge.

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Reduced Risk

We act as an extension of your business to provide a complete supply chain management solution. Our meticulous vendor qualification process and transparent pricing effectively mitigates risk and ensures reliable delivery.

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Precision Design

The design team at OSTC believes in ‘Engineering before Building’. Using our industry experience and understanding, we anticipate risks to develop a design solution that is smarter, accurate and robust.

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Sustainable Cost Advantages

We are committed to delivering sustainable cost advantages to you. Our solutions are highly innovative, streamlined and strategically adapt to future technology developments.

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